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Smart Contract Audits

Our team conducts an exhaustive analysis of your smart contracts in order to identify and correct design flaws, coding errors, and security vulnerabilities. We conduct both manual and automated testing to ensure that your smart contract application or DeFi platform is MainNet Ready.

Penetration Testing

Our team will identify critical vulnerabilities in your applications before they're exploited, utilizing deep security inspection and the latest offensive security tactics. We simulate threat actors activities and techniques through hands-on assessment by our dedicated security auditors.

Decentralized Applications Security

Our dApp security services include a comprehensive security audit. Our security engineers will review everything from contract codes to off-chain integrations and will provide a comprehensive report on their findings. Additionally, we provide you with a team to integrate and run our dApp security tools within your codebase, as well as to review and report on the results.

Cyber Security Advisor As A Service

Shellboxes can help you assess your organization's architecture, identify security risks, implement controls, patch vulnerabilities, launch or integrate DevSecOps capabilities, and provide world-class cybersecurity consulting and support at any stage of growth.


Why ShellBoxes

ShellBoxes was founded as an Elite team of auditors dedicated to providing cybersecurity services for Blockchain protocol of any scale and representative of diverse, decentralized communities.
ShellBoxes provides comprehensive solutions to all blockchain developers and users, leveraging decades of combined professional experience in smart contract security and efficiency, as well as notable accomplishments in vulnerability analysis.

We are honored to be your security partner

Here's how it's done around here:

Assessment and Scoping

We may require that you provide additional information about the purpose and context of your project in order to improve our understanding of your code and business logic to better understand the code behavior.

During the Security audit

We will thoroughly inspect your code for potential vulnerabilities in the business logic, edge-case bugs, exploit risks, governance risks, gas and others.
We will provide a remediation plan upon the discovery of any bugs or attack vectors, and we will collaborate with your Dev Team to ensure that our recommendations are implemented correctly.

After the Security audit

We will do a counter-audit to ensure that the remediation plan was implemented successfully. You can also sign-up for our cyber security advisor as a service and benefit from constant and dedicated support as well as high-end and fast incident response, and get a permanent discount for any of your future security audits

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